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20 Pharma, Medical Devices, Biotech & Hospitals & Healthcare Speakers In 1 Day!

Propel Healthcare Forward & Improve Clinical Outcomes: Maximise Data & AI, Power HCP & Patient Engagement & Fuel Innovation For Digital Health Advances: Data • AI & ML • Post-Covid Learnings • HCP & Patient Engagement • New Tech & Digital Innovation • Telemedicine & Wearables • Regulatory Approaches • Personalised Healthcare & Genomics • Semantic Interoperability & Digital Health Records • Outcomes, RWE & Value.
A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, Central London, 12th May 2022

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08.30 Registration & Informal Networking

09.15 GIC Welcome & Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Bernhard Schmidt, Global Head of Tube Feeds & Enteral Devices, Fresenius Kabi

Anand Das, Digital Senior Client Partner, Pfizer UK


09.25 Mitigate Risks & Invalidities With Robust Data Governance, Clear Responsibilities & Secure Systems To Store It All

  • Discover, map, and classify your data correctly, confidentially and in line with rapidly changing regulations
  • You have integrated the digital solution, but how can you manage the resulting influx of data and translate these into actionable insights?
  • How can data be safely stored, and what systems are available for this?
  • Overcome the issue of intercommunication between established tools: as we move towards blockchain electronic health records, explore the barriers to change and mitigate issues before they arise
  • Data responsibility, ownership and protection: as patients become responsible for their own data, and awareness grows, how can pharma and healthcare gain access to still generate insights compliantly?

Thore Heinemann, Product Manager Digital Health Solutions, B. Braun Melsungen AG


09.45 Anticipate The Trends Of AI & ML In Healthcare, Embed Within Existing Strategies & Prove & Validate Efforts

  • What are the limitations of AI deployment in digital product development?
  • What data should you be utilising and examining to implement AI effectively? Embed AI within existing strategies in order to collect appropriate information and insights from products and patients
  • What will the EU AI Act mean for you? Decipher where AI sits when navigating upcoming regulatory frameworks
  • What is the future of AI adoption in healthcare, and what will it take to ensure it happens?

David Dellamonica, Head of Digital & Innovation, Oncology, Europe & Canada, AstraZeneca


10.05 Critically Assess & Determine The Lasting Impact Of The Global Pandemic By Reflecting On The Advancements Made In Order To Fuel Innovation & Cement Long-Term Changes

  • After two years of firefighting, what’s here to stay, and how can you translate these into long-term solutions?
  • What were the successes, challenges and lessons learned in digitising primary care during the pandemic? What worked, what didn’t work, and what are the problems we still need to solve?
  • Navigating the new healthcare ecosystem – ensure your digital and tech advances fit the new infrastructure in a safe and effective way
  • How has Covid-19 impacted the pharma commercial model?

Dr. Ali Hasan, Chief Medical & Healthcare Officer, Vitality

Iain O’Neil, Former Digital Transformation Director, NHSX

Ante Margetic, Digital Platforms Coordinator & Success Analyst, Teva Pharmaceuticals

10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking



11.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


11.35 Drive Forward Medical Device & Digital Health Adoption By Proving The Value Of Your Products To HCP’s & Patients To Decrease Pushback, Ease Concerns & Secure Buy-In

  • Examine the new and improved patient journeys to determine where digital health can tangibly improve clinical outcomes
  • Physicians, GP’s, and healthcare providers should be the main drivers when identifying the right platforms and most effective tech, so how can you secure buy-in?
  • As patients become increasingly aware and conflicted about the use of their data, overcome low levels of patient participation by building trust and transparency
  • Manage expectations by streamlining your digital innovations to overcome pushback from HCP’s, who are overworked and understaffed
  • Utilise patient data captured to visualise outcomes and use these insights to showcase results to HCP’s and validate efforts


11.55 Fuel Innovation By Leveraging New Tech & Powering Digital Adoption To Improve Efficiencies & Healthcare Delivery

  • Improve healthcare efficiencies and enhance patient outcomes with integrated digital strategies by capitalising on the latest technologies in the market today
  • As Covid-19 continues to fuel digital acceleration, keep up and keep pace from telemedicine to AI-enabled medical devices and blockchain electronic health records
  • Overcome barriers to adoption from all parties by building the foundations of your strategies upon critical insights which prove efficacy and long-term value

Alan How, Digital Lead, Bayer

Sergio Levi, Vice President – Head of Strategic Alliances, Philips

Kwesi Afful, Assistant Director of Programmes – Digital, Data & Tech, NHSX

Andy Cachaldora, General Manager, Digital Service, Northern Europe, GE Healthcare

Christoph Schmitz, Head of Digital Health Transformation, medi GmbH & Co.

David Braun, Global Head of Digital Health & Connected Devices Solutions, Merck Group

12.25 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


12.55 Informal Breakout Discussions

A. Wearables

B. Telemedicine

C. Clinical Trials

D. Women’s Health

E. Mental Health

13.25 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Kwesi Afful, Assistant Director of Programmes – Digital, Data & Tech, NHSX


13.35 Drive The Acceleration Of Telemedicine & Wearables By Utilising Digital Biomarkers & Integrating Advances Into Long-Term Strategies

  • From emergency telehealth technologies implemented due to Covid-19, how can you embed these advances into long-term strategies?
  • Overcome physician resistance and patient reservations! Examine how teleconsultations have been received during the pandemic in order to gain critical insights which validate efforts and secure patient and HCP support
  • What will be the patient-physician relationship in the post-Covid world now that healthcare habits have changed and patients are more reliant on wearables to measure their vitals?
  • As the role of technology in healthcare continues to expand and patients seek to take their health data into their own hands, seamlessly implement wearables into everyday healthcare delivery
  • The critical questions! Where does human contact fit within telehealth models moving forward, and what is the future of wearables beyond smart watches?

Avi Tewarie, Digital Health & Innovation Lead, Novo Nordisk


13.55 Examine The Different Levels Of Regulatory Approval Available For Digital Health Today To Mitigate Tighter Efficacy Standards & Prepare For Changing Guidelines

  • Equip yourself with the tools to consume and interpret new regulations so that it is no longer a barrier to health tech innovation and digital advancements
  • Discover how regulatory bodies are planning on incorporating digital biomarkers into their acceptance of new compounds and products to market
  • As regulators attempt to keep up with the speed of digital health innovation, how will this impact the routes to market?

Sridevi Nagarajan, Head of Digital Regulatory Strategy, AstraZeneca


14.25 Deep Dive Into Patient Genomic Data: Review The Efficacy Of Drugs Based On Patients’ Genome Which Indicates Efficiencies & Paves The Way To The Future Of Personalised Medicine

  • As we move away from the one-size-fits-all approach to medicine, keep up with the varying needs of the population’s physical and mental health
  • With genomic data comes issues of privacy and storage – how can you use such unique data in your research and development compliantly and effectively?
  • Equip yourself with the systems that can store genomic data during screening, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare


14.45 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.15 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15.45 Tackle The Lack Of Standardisation Within Data Storage & Digital Health Records To Increase Efficiencies & Ease Of Healthcare Delivery

  • Develop and implement digital health tools that are scalable and accessible to all in order to derive critical clinical insights
  • How can semantic interoperability produce universal, diverse and quality data which could predict, learn and inform future conditions?
  • Leverage data and maximise digital enablers to collect outcomes in order to truly deliver value in patient care
  • What is your part to play in achieving a fully integrated care system using the most advanced technologies? Once this is achieved, whose data is it, and whose data should it be?

Julien Pahud, International Digital Health & Marketing Analytics Leader, Eli Lilly & Company


16.05 Define & Determine The Value Of Digital Health In Improving Patients’ Lives & Driving Efficiencies In Healthcare By Championing An Increased Focus On Evidencing Outcomes

  • Optimise data by assessing both clinical evidence and improved health economics on an infrastructure level
  • If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it – increase efficiencies, patient adherence, better outcomes, and cost savings with effective measurement strategies
  • From patient reported outcome measures to audit measures, recognise your role in the evolving healthcare ecosystem in collecting outcomes measures

Navjot Kaur Kalra, Assistant Director of Digital, Transformation, NHS Wales

16.25 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

Kwesi Afful, Assistant Director of Programmes – Digital, Data & Tech, NHSX

16.35 Official Close Of Conference


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