A 3rd Annual, One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, London

22 Speakers, One-Day! 3rd Annual Event

The Digital Health Advances Conference

Conference Day Programme

Improve Patient Experience, Drive HCP Adoption, Advance Healthcare Delivery & Enhance Operational Efficiencies With:
Patient-Centric & HCP-Led Digital Health Advances

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Sarah Chan, Director of Regulatory Affairs International, Business Strategy & Operations, MSD

Dr Dan Bunstone, GP & Medical Director, NHS




09.10 Examine, Interrogate & Translate Robust Data Insights Into Actionable Strategies Which Mitigate Risks, Improve Efficiencies & Drive Digital Health Innovations:

  • Honesty, transparency and trust: create open lines of communication with patients about the safe storage of their data to protect patients and still generate insights compliantly.
  • Are we really using data effectively? Maximise data intelligence to integrate a more holistic view of the patient in order to provide personalised care.
  • How can sites utilise their research and clinical data to deliver greater workforce efficiencies and ultimately improve patient outcomes?
  • Understanding the risks of cyber security: examine your device network and investigate what systems are available to store data with the highest levels of security.

09.10 Perspective 1 : Jean Enno Charton, Director Bioethics & Digital Ethics, Merck Group

09.30 Perspective 2 : Gernot Weber, Head of Data Strategy & Digital Innovation, Global Development Operations, Merck Group 



09.50 Implement & Embed Proven AI & ML Within Existing Strategies To Gain A Competitive Advantage & Ultimately Improve Healthcare Delivery :

  • Pushback the scaremongering! Switch the narrative from AI and ML replacing jobs to being deployed alongside human resources to assist jobs to understand the real positive business and performance outcomes automation can provide.
  • Navigating critical regulatory frameworks: determine where AI sits within the regulatory landscape to ensure a smooth deployment of AI within digital product development.
  • Empathy-driven and human-engaged machine learning! Investigate how to integrate the human touch into automated solutions to really create value and increase adoption rates so that ML can actively learn from real feedback and examples.

Michelle van Velthoven, Associate Director In Human-Centered AI, AstraZeneca Digital Health R&D

10.10 Bonus Session with Graphite Digital

Rob Verhuel, CEO, Graphite Digital 

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking




11.10 Assess & Prepare For Changing Regulatory Frameworks To Mitigate Hold Ups In The Regulatory Process & Maximise Route To Market Efficiencies:

  • Examine and interpret new, emerging regulations quickly and effectively to prevent the stalling of agile and innovative digital advancements within therapeutics and telehealth.
  • Time is money: what programmes are available to support a more efficient yet accurate quasi regulatory process and create greater ease when getting innovations to market?
  • In a continuously changing digital health landscape, determine the varying levels of regulatory approval needed for digital health, therapeutics, and telehealth to fast track innovation and reduce the time burden for HCP’s.

Andrew Davies, Digital Health Lead, ABHI



11.40 Optimise Patient-Centricity & HCP Collaboration To Secure Buy-In For Innovative Products, Decrease Pushback, Ease Concern & Drive Adoption:

  • Examine the digital preferences and requirements of HCP’s to streamline digital innovations and slot solutions into typical workflows.
  • Prioritise patient centricity and empowerment! How can we work closer with patients, understand their wants and needs and determine the role of the patient in the digital healthcare technology for enhanced patient outcomes.
  • How can we get the right balance? HCP’s and patients require different things from digital tools so how can we successfully integrate tools in the life of the patient and the HCP?
  • Maximise communication! With patients increasingly aware and conflicted about their data and its usage, how can we find new ways to build trust, transparency and boost patient participation?

Mark Watson, Digital Programme Director, NHS


NEW FOR 2023!

12.00 Drive Forward Inclusive Digital Health Tech Adoption To Empower Patients, Transform User Relationships, Ease Of Access & Fuel Digital Inclusion:

  • Digital literacy isn’t the same for everyone: take tangible steps to improve digital inclusion, create an accessible digital community and drive digital patient engagement.
  • Reach every corner! How can we use digital health tools and tech to improve the health inequalities gap and drive accessible healthcare for all?
  • Work closely with your patients, deep dive into the patient journey and establish a holistic picture of the whole patient to improve clinical outcomes.

Dimitri Varsamis PhD, Head of Digital Innovation, NHS England

12.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

12.50 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.50 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Lucy George, Head of Business Innovation (Oncology), AstraZeneca




14.00 Capitalise On Cutting-Edge Digital & Tech Innovations For Improved Efficiencies, Reduced Backlogs & Better Healthcare Outcomes:

  • Empower patients and support prevention with integrated digital strategies that capitalise on the latest health tech in the industry.
  • With Covid-19 fast tracking the digital revolution in healthcare, ensure you keep up with new innovations from IoT, virtual reality, mHealth and more in 2023 and beyond.
  • Overcome barriers to digital product development by examining the implications for cyber security when implementing new tech and integrating new systems.

Clara Cuervo, Head of Transformation & BIOME, Novartis

Shaaz Mahboob, Head of Digital Development, NHS England

Florian Lange, Director Digital Health Solutions EMEA, Abbott

Jan Liska, Global Patient Strategy Lead | Digital Healthcare franchise, Sanofi

Nikita Patel, Associate Medical Director, Vitality

Getting To The True Value of Digital Interactions: Measuring What Matters


14:30 Getting To The True Value of Digital Interactions: Measuring What Matters

  • Connect ROMI to digital strategies and outcomes.
  • Align business needs to identify reliable measures of success and key performance indicators.
  • Understand the key drivers and insights to maximise your HCP digital engagement.
  • Differentiate between actionable and vanity KPIs to drive value added engagement.

Sarah Christensen, Nordic Digital Director, Novarti




14.50 Prioritise Patients At The Heart Of Your Digital Strategies! Ensure Patient Centricity Remains A Priority Within Tools & Innovations For Boosted Engagement & Maximised Positive Patient Outcomes:

  • One size does not fit all! Incorporate the patient voice in early decision making and design processes to ensure digital products achieve relevant and personalised outcomes for patients.
  • With the increase of digital treatments, apps, therapeutics and more, how can we ensure that our digital strategies truly deliver the care that patients want and need?
  • Data, data, data: how can genomic data be used compliantly to produce patient-centred digital transformation

14.50 Perspective 1: Paul McKeown, Head of Digital Innovation, Nuffield Health

15.10 Perspective 2: Marie Mailhos, Global Commercial Lead Connected Solutions, Digital Healthcare, Sanofi 

15.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

16.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner



16.20 Anushka Patchava, Former Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Vitality



16.40 Lara Pippo, Head of Market Access & Government Affairs, CSL Behring




17.00 Critically Assess & Analyse The Tech Advancements Brought To Market During Covid-19 & Leverage Successful Advancements To Cement Long-Term Impact & Fuel Future Innovation:

  • Maintain momentum! What innovations within the digital health landscape are here to stay and how can we translate these into regulated and effective long-term solutions?
  • How can we prevent falling back into old healthcare models and continue to elicit positive digital change in today’s healthcare ecosystem?
  • With Covid-19 spotlighting the necessity of digital health advances, guarantee watertight compliance and ethics when introducing new tech into a heavily regulated environment.

Nigel Brokenshire, Head of Digital Healthcare UK, Bayer

Amjad Khan, Former Digital Director Global Client Partner Vaccines & Medical Affairs, Pfizer

Aquil Harjivan, R&D Head – Digital Health, Bayer

17.30 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close of The Conference